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    Ten Bar Ranch Mfg. LLC is the exclusive licensee to the revolutionary stitch less seaming and bonding technology known as “laser enhanced bonding” trademarked as LightSeam.  Patented Laser Enhanced Bonding (LEB) technology; invented by Craig Neff, uses readily available polymers to create a seam that has real benefits over the existing technology in the sewn-products industry.  The laser energy drives the polymer into the fabric, creating a seam that can be as strong as the fabric itself.  Additionally, the resulting seam is impermeable, flexible, environmentally safe, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing. 

    The patented LightSeam is superior to conventional seaming and bonding processes in every way.  LEB replaces sewing, gluing, stitching, taping, RF or ultrasonic welding.  The technology will change the way we seam fabrics and bond materials.

Environmentally Safe
Made green in the USA

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