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Ten Bar Ranch Mfg. LLC is located in the mountains west of Denver, CO in the community of Coal Creek Canyon.  Ten Bar was organized in July of 1999 to be the manufacturing arm of LightSeam; to manufacture value added products and oversee the successful transitioning for customers from conventional technologies to the LightSeam process.  Ten Bar Ranch Mfg. LLC was founded by Craig and Janie Neff.  The Neffs have brought LightSeam from its infancy to a revolutionary technology having applications in the Army and Missile Defense today and numerous commericial applications in the years to come.    Government  SBIR contracts awarded to date:

US Army Topic A03-180: Development of Stitchless Seaming Equipment

Phase I: The development of stitch less seaming equipment for Chemical Protection Uniforms and Air Beams.  The process shall eliminate use of sewing to assure that seams are leak-proof and offer the user establishment of a safe inner environment and potential for automated processing.  Phase I consisted of research into development of stitch less equipment.  It also included application studies utilizing "laser enhanced bonding" on an array of government furnished materials and commercial polymers.

Phase II: consists of developing Phase I into an actual stitch less seaming machine.  Completed machine shall demonstrate the means to fabricate a typical chemical Protection Uniform and Air Beams.  Ten Bar's objective is to build two totally modular material handling systems for the already existing LightSeamer LS1300.  These will be a tractor feed linear drive system to make air beams and other tubular or large flat panel products, and the other will be a modular manufacturing system that will allow modular automated stitch less construction of textile products, specifically focused on CPU's

Missile Defense Agency Topic MDA04-161: Seaming/Joining and Load Patch Technologies for High Tenacity Fabrics

The development and demonstration of techniques to seam/join high tenacity fabrics and/or attach significant external loads without compromising overall material properties and without adding significant weight to the base fabric.  A breakthrough in the joining of high tenacity fabrics is needed to enable more capable high altitude aircraft and to reduce the overall system weight.

You may have seen us at the following shows:

Beyond Phase II: Ready for Transition, National SBIR Phase II conference 2005  July 11-14, 2005  San Diego, California

8th Annual Space and Missile Defense Conference and Exhibition  SBIR Pavilion  August 15-18, 2005  Huntsville, Alabama  www.smdconf.org

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