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About LightSeam

"Laser Enhanced Bonding" is protected under U.S. patent numbers 5,902,445, 5,609,687 and 5,348,604.  LightSeam is a revolutionary process; it uses laser energy to drive a polymer into the fabric, creating a seam that can match parent material strength.  The resulting seam is impermeable, flexible, environmentally safe, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally Safe

    LEB completely eliminates the need for solvent-based technology.  LEB produces a seam that can withstand greater hydrostatic pressure than current seaming, taping, and gluing technology, resulting in stronger, more environmentally friendly products.  Toluene, used to manufacture products in many industries, is a hazardous pollutant that causes harm to workers and the environment.  LEB will eliminate toluene in the manufacture of these products.

Only environmentally friendly polymers will ever be used in the LightSeam process, such as the off-the-shelf polyamid pellets shown below.  Pellets are the most common form of polymer used, although extrusion type applications are currently under trials (and looking very positive) at our lab in Colorado.

Off-the-shelf polyamid polymer pellets Off-the-shelf polyamid pellets


LEB technology has advantages over traditional sewing methods.  From the elimination of holes in the fabric, broken fibers from needles, weakness and deterioration of the thread, material waste at seam, uneven adhesive heating, structural damage to the parent material, to the ability to seam dissimilar materials, LEB outperforms all conventional seaming and bonding methods.   The resulting bond strength, non-deterioration of the fabric, UV and chafe resistant seam is produced in one pass.

Many properties of LigthSeam make it desirable as a next-generation seaming technology.  The seam is aesthetically pleasing and can be colored as needed to match or compliment the seamed material.  LightSeam can be crossed over itself with no addition in bulk and curved seams, even those with varying radii, are not a problem.

The Thick foam and fuzzy backed fabric can be bonded

Foams & fuzzy
backed fabrics
Lightseam bonds to a variety of standard military fabrics

Military fabrics
The Lightseam can cross itself without added bulk

Seam crossing
Mesh and ligthweight fabrics

Mesh & micro-seams


    Other seams can claim to be water resistant, but only the LightSeam is water proof - up to ten bars (145 psi) of hydrostatic pressure.  The lightseam will hold water (and air) up to the properties of the parent material.  Furthermore, the seam will also hold lightweight gases such as helium without leakage.

Water droplets bead up on LightSeam polymer Water droplets bead up on LightSeam

High Speed Manufacturing

    Materials can be seamed orders of magnitude faster with LightSeam than with stitching or taping technologies.  Material can be seamed as fast as the polymer can be pumped and laser power can be delivered and is not limited by mechanical motion or thermal conduction.  Furthermore, LightSeam requires only a single pass to adhere to both sides of the parent material.
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